IBICI  Calze Olona

意大利健康压力丝袜 意大利原装生产,欧盟认证,ISO9002,3G,CE等认证,德国医疗袜协会检验合格,获台湾第一等级医疗器材许可证,香港护士协会推荐用品。

Calze Olona是高品质健康压力丝袜品牌,来自流行之都意大利(欧洲消费的60%丝袜和世界30%的丝袜都源产于意大利),该品牌创建于1964年,迄今已经有五十多年的历史,专业生产压缩弹性袜用于护理和预防静脉曲张,工厂设施先进,员工超过2700人,借助现代机器可独立完成整套压力袜生产过程。专利技术能利用独特的织法将几种不同的纱线产生不同按压弹性的丝袜(棉袜),以品质优异著称。



产品包括:孕妇压力丝袜(可松紧裤头), 压力丝袜, 压力软管, 压力吊袜带, 男女压力棉袜



Ibici has always been close to the careful consumer who thinks that beauty is the expression of the body harmony. IBICI has had a precise mission for years: listening to the women’s needs and finding innovative solutions.
The same philosophy is applied either to wider targets or to consumer niches to which the company answers with dedicated service products to fill the market gaps covered only by sporadic ideas.
Born in 1959, IBICI was foremost in the use of Lycra in production of high quality support hosiery under the famous “SEGRETA” brand name.
In the Seventies IBICI widens its production into a complete collection of fashion and classic items with Lycra, ranging from 8 to 60 deniers, mat or glossysummery sheer or microfiber leg shapin

IBICI has always been synonymous of high quality, comfort, perfect fitness and long wear to all its consumers around the world. IBICI offers an exhaustive choice of tights and stockings, stay-up and knee highs from 8 up to 60 den.

Sheer or opaque, mat or glossy all the products enjoy of an advanced know-how resulting from a longlasting experience, always aimed to high quality and consumer satisfaction.

A wide selection of fashionable colours and an almost maniacal attention to details complete the image of IBICI’s production.

Concept is the brand new line of pantyhose with no waistband to free from the annoyance of the usual elastic band.
Thanks to its high – tech knitting construction all Concept styles can fit perfectly in absolute comfort.

The brand new and first complete range of queen size pantyhose for any season: from the ultra sheer 15 den up to the smooth and opaque 60 den micro.

From the invisible 8 den up to the velvety sensation of the 60 den micro, all styles answer to comfort and elegance and are dedicated to every woman.

Segreta pantyhose, with an entire range of graduated compression, has been designed by IBICI to give your legs health, lightness and, above all, great shape.
The Segreta support stockings and pantyhose are so sheer and attractive that no one will perceive You are wearing a compression hose.
A wide range of styles and colours will satisfy every woman’s desire for fashion and elegance.
Segreta Classic line, registered with CE mark, is known for its compression efficacy. Products are divided into class of compression end deniers. Besides the traditional styles, a wide range of Specialties such as Pregnancy, Stays up an All nude pantyhose is available.
Segreta Young line, with its soft and comfortable products is dedicated to a younger but sensible to well being consumer.
The incredible lightness of Segreta Light products is the best answer to elegance, relax and harmony.

A comfortable and elegant line of products.
IBICI dedicates this innovative line of support socks to active and dynamic men expecting the best in style without giving up health. Due to their particular characteristics all these products are more and more appreciated by women, for an informal and sportive look.
Designed for those who are standing or sitting for long hours in restricted areas while travelling or just working daily at a desk, these products give a pleasant sensation of energy, lightness and well being all day long.
The continuous massage “bottom up” stimulates blood circulation, avoiding venous stasis and preventing tiredness and aching legs.
The soft elastic band grants a perfect wear, while the wide range of colours matches any kind of look and style.