RelyOn™ Virkon Overview

RelyOn™ Virkon is a reliable broad spectrum high level disinfectant which combines effectiveness, safety and ease of use with environmental compatibility.

RelyOn™ Virkon is extremely safe and easy to use. Ideal for maintaining a hygienic environment to reduce the transmission of pathogenic micro-organisms through contact with surfaces and equipment.

RelyOn™ Virkon Applications

  • Routine disinfection of hand-touch surfaces in patient and clinical environments such as hospital wards, clinics and GP surgeries.
  • Disinfection of patient equipment.
  • Clean down and disinfection of critical clinical facilities such as operating theatres, accident & emergency departments and dental surgeries.
  • Routine disinfection of hotel service areas within the healthcare system such as toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and catering facilities.
  • Body fluid spills
  • Virkon Instructions for Use leaflet

Preparation for RelyOn™ Virkon