RelyOn™ PeraSafe Overview

RelyOn™ PeraSafe is a rapid, medical device compatible, user and environmentally friendly chemical sterilant.

Supplied as a safe, inactive powder, RelyOn™ PeraSafe is activated by simply dissolving in tap water. Providing rapid decontamination of medical devices, PeraSafe™ gives confidence to users and patients alike. An aldehyde-free formulation gives efficacy without harm to equipment, health risks to staff and avoids the need for special fume extraction or waste disposal systems.

RelyOn™ PeraSafe powder is available in a range of packs for varying user requirements. For example: multiples of 81 gm/5 litre or 162 gm/10 litre tubs for endoscope reprocessors, 16.2 gm/1 litre sachets for small volume, manual reprocessing, for example, lenses in eye clinics, dental instruments and naso-endoscopes and instruments in Out Patients.

RelyOn™ PeraSafe Applications

RelyOn™ PeraSafe is proven effective against pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores that can be transmitted between patients via flexible endoscopes, ultra-sound probes and other reusable, non-invasive, heat sensitive medical devices. 10 minutes immersion achieves sterilant level decontamination across the microbiological spectrum.
RelyOn™ PeraSafe is compatible with, and approved by manufacturers of medical devices and automated endoscope repocessors and washer/ disinfectors. A unique corrosion inhibition system, allied to a neutral pH solution, optimises efficacy and compatibility.

RelyOn™ PeraSafe Powder Preparation Instructions

Step 1
Fill a container with lukewarm tap water (30-35°C) to the required volume.

Step 2
Add powder to water direct from container or required amount using measuring cap provided.

Step 3
Stir until the powder dissolves to form a clear blue solution. (10-15 minutes).

Step 4
Pour the solution into an immersion bath or endoscope reprocessor for use. The solution fades to colourless in approximately one hour and may be used for up to 24 hours after activation. i.e. when the clear blue solution is achieved. Solution should be discarded if the test strip indicates it is below the Minimum Effective Concentration.